AlfiMacro Systems


AlfiMacro Systems was founded in 2006 and is located in Bern city, in Switzerland. The company sees itself as an international provider and consulting company with focus on business automation and outsourcing. With its head office in Switzerland, AlfiMacro Systems operates in Africa and the Middle East through its own offices, regional representatives, partners, distributors, and resellers. Thanks to its strong expertise, AlfiMacro Systems has successfully realized and has been involved in many IT projects for names such as Swisscom AG, Sunrise Communications AG, Zimmer GmbH, and the Swiss Parliament.

AlfiMacro Systems consists of two legally-independent companies and is active in three strategic business units:

  • Computing and Information Systems;
  • Marketing and Distribution (IT, Pharma, FMCG); and
  • General Trading and Services.

Our vision

To maintain a unique status as a leader in our regions of operations by following a simple rule:
Provide our customers with the best products and services, in the best quality, and at the best price.

Our mission

  • To provide uncompromising quality in products, services and operations that achieves outstanding customer satisfaction;
  • to maintain partnership with the best, most proven companies and production houses; and
  • to build an extensive sales and marketing network that covers all major cities in our countries of operations.

Our values and guiding principles

  • To provide consistent, safe, healthy and environmentally friendly products;
  • to continually improve our processes and quality of services;
  • to support scientific research and adopt latest methods and techniques; and
  • to promote awareness, recognition and respect of cultural diversity.